Coconut Chicken Soup with Vermicelli Noodles

Coconut chicken soup
Want to know what the greatest invention is since gluten-free sliced bread?

It’s the ready-roasted whole chicken from the local deli.

I’m not really sure what came first, the chicken or the bread but I’m a big fan either way (bad pun intended). Many supermarkets now have free-range, organic and gluten-free options (remember that wheat likes to hide in most BBQ sauces and other marinades). So be sure to check out what your deli or market has to offer. Did I mention that the leftover ready-roasted chicken also makes for a stellar soup base? I don’t believe in letting meat go to waste so this means boiling any leftovers and bones to get the most out of it.

Creamy coconut milk, peppery curry and cumin powder and the savoury stock of a roasted chicken are a medley of flavours that work beautifully together. Add rice vermicelli noodles and you’re in soup heaven.

Coconut chicken soup

Coconut Chicken Soup with Vermicelli Noodles

Prep Time: 15 – 20 minutes     Cook Time: 1 ½ – 2 hours     Serves: 5 – 6     Author: Milk & Marigolds

8 cups of water
3 teaspoons of olive oil
1½ stock cubes (preferably chicken)
*1 (G-free) ready-roasted chicken or 3 large skinless chicken breasts bone in, 2 chicken thighs with bone in.
1 package (454 g/ 16 oz) of medium-thick rice vermicelli noodles
1½ tablespoons of Patak’s curry paste (substitute: curry powder)
1 tablespoon cumin powder
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 large yellow onion, diced
¾ cup of canned coconut milk
cayenne, cracked pepper and salt to taste.

*Bones add a significant amount of flavour to soup stock. If you choose to opt out of using bones, be sure to add extra stock cube as a replacement.
*Already have a roasted chicken from the deli in your fridge? Use that instead of buying uncooked chicken.

cilantro, roughly chopped
spring onions, sliced diagonally

1. Dice onions and mince garlic. Begin by sauteing the diced onion in a large pot with olive oil on medium heat until the onions become clear.
2. Add garlic and saute for 1 -2 minutes to prevent browning.
3. Add curry, cumin and mix until dispersed. This helps to bring out the flavour of the spices.
4. Add water, stock and chicken. Allow to simmer with the lid on for 1 ½ – 2 hours. Stir occasionally.
5. Meanwhile, cook the rice noodles in a large pot. They only need 2 -3 minutes to cook. Drain and set aside for later.
6. Remove bones from the soup. If desired, you can remove any large pieces of chicken and shred into smaller pieces by using a fork to pull away from the chicken to ‘shred’ it.
7.Generously crack fresh pepper and add a small sprinkle amount of cayenne to the soup.
8. Add coconut milk and stir.
9. Ladle soup into bowls and add the vermicelli noodles separately.
10. Garish with cilantro and spring onions.
11. Enjoy!

By keeping the noodles set aside from the broth until serving, this helps to keep the noodles from overcooking, especially if you want leftovers without swelled up noodles. Add more coconut milk to lessen the heat.

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