Simple Pear & Beetroot Sorbet ~ Dairy, Gluten & Sugar-Free!

vegan beet and pear sorbet

Sweet, refreshing and simple to prepare, this beetroot and pear sorbet will leave you feeling satisfied without feeling the guilt. This sorbet is dairy and gluten-free, and is made without any added sugar. No eater’s remorse here!

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Cinnamon & Warm Caramel pull-apart Muffins

cinnamon and caramel

“I think love is caramel. Sweet and fragrant; always welcome. It is the gentle golden colour of a setting harvest sun; the warmth of a squeezed embrace; the easy melting of two souls into one and a taste that lingers even when everything else has melted away. Once tasted it is never forgotten.” – Jenny Colgan, Welcome to Rosie Hopkins’ Sweetshop of Dreams

These pull-away muffins are soft on the inside and golden-brown on the outside with the perfect amount of crunch. Add a generous drizzle of caramel, and you’re in heaven. These muffins make for the perfect breakfast treat and pair wonderfully with a cup of tea or a freshly brewed coffee.

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The Last Supper

If you could plan your very last meal, what would it be?

Would it include something over-indulgent like champagne and caviar or something more comforting like your grandmother’s famous lasagna? For me, it didn’t take very long to decide.

Although I love rich foods and a good glass of wine, my choice is perhaps a little more humble. It’s my mom’s Sheppard’s pie. While the smell of the pie baking in the oven is beyond mouth-watering, it also evokes nostalgic feelings.

My mom's famous Sheppard's Pie

My mom’s famous Sheppard’s Pie

Growing up, it was during special occasions that my mom made her famous Sheppard’s pie. I often requested it for my birthday parties and more recently for my 30th. It’s so good that I always end up having seconds and thirds. Perhaps it’s the savory gravy, or the fluffy mashed potatoes that are perfectly crisp on top, that makes this pie so incredibly tasty. But I know that this meal represents so much more because it reminds me of beautiful childhood memories, of family get-togethers and of course – my lovely mom. And no matter how much anyone tries, it’s never quite the same as hers.

So what would your last supper be? I’d love to hear your stories or comments. Please share!

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Chimichurri Sauce & Marinade

2014-03-20 003 2014-03-20 015 (2)
When I first heard someone speak of chimichurri, I thought it had to be some kind of exotic animal or perhaps a reference to that song from Mary Poppins. But as it turns out, chimichurri is actually a sauce similar to pesto. It is usually vinegar and/or oil based with plenty of fresh, finely chopped herbs and garlic.

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Savory Crepes with Coconut-Curried Chickpeas (Gluten & Dairy/Lactose-Free)

Savory crepes (Gluten-free)

“After I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I said yes to food, with great enthusiasm. . . I vowed to taste everything I could eat, rather than focusing on what I could not.”- Shauna James Ahern

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