Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

sugar scrubs

Mama, Mutter, Mum, Mati, Mãe. Whatever you call her by, remember to celebrate her today and tomorrow. While mother’s day is celebrated throughout the world, if you live in North America, Australia or New Zealand, Mother’s day officially falls on May 11th for 2014.

This year, give your mom a homemade gift you know she’ll love and the most important gift of all – time.

Over the last couple of weeks, I took the time to ask friends and relatives who are mothers, the following question: What do you want for Mother’s day? Most responded with wanting to spend quality time with their families, while others said they wished to have a quiet spa day to themselves. For comedy’s sake, I needed to share some of the more desperate candid answers, which included:

“To just pee alone, dammit!”

 “ To have a wild girls’ night out, and to spend the next morning hung-over in bed wearing ear-plugs, without the guilt-trip.”

 “To have my girls help me hang a heavy picture frame.”

While all these responses are lovely and/or hilarious, I personally feel that the last statement takes the cake because those are the words of my Mumsy. How cute is she?! Of course, we will hang your heavy picture frame and much more!

Below, I have shared various gift ideas for celebrating your Mama. Happy Mother’s day to all!

Make Her something!

Homemade Lemon-Sugar Scrub  ♥  Give mom the gift of relaxation !

mother's day gifts

2 cups of granulated white or brown sugar
½ cup sunflower oil or coconut oil
1 teaspoon of lemon flavor/oil (I use Simply Organic’s variety) or substitute with an essential oil.
A glass jar or decorative glass container with a tight seal or lid.
Fabric ribbon (I used sheer organza)
Blank label stickers
A black Sharpie or thin-tipped marker

1. Combine ingredients and place in jar with an air-tight lid.
2. Hand draw or print out a sticker design for the top and/or front of the jar.
3. Attach ribbon.

Bake Her something!

Prepare Her Breakfast or Lunch!

Paint or Draw a picture for Her!

Mother's day gifts

Acrylic on Canvas, Milk & Marigolds 2013

Copyright © 2014. Milk & Marigolds

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