London you’ve changed. Part 3


If you are afraid of heights, go up the Shard anyway.

Wondering what the Shard is?  It’s the U.K’s tallest building, standing at 1, 016 feet with a 360 panorama view from its observation decks. The Shard is located on  32 London Bridge Street.

While some Londoners feel that the tower has bombarded or dominated London’s historic skyline, one can’t argue that once inside the Shard, the view is breath-taking.

The Shard

My older sister and I went up on a Wednesday evening around 8:30 pm. Although I’d like to pretend that this timing was planned, we were actually running rather late after having plenty of fun in North London.

But in this case, showing up late worked out perfectly. Not only was the night view spectacular, but the observation deck was almost entirely free of tourists. There were maybe only a handful of others. This made the experience even more intimate. From the 69th floor, the city became still and peaceful, making this an unexpectedly moving experience.

As for food, the Shard has various bars and restaurants. I would recommend the Aquashard (featured below) as it has plenty of gluten-free options on the menu. The atmosphere is also very romantic.

So what’s next on the menu?  London’s Portobello Market & Soho.

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