Milk & Marigolds gets Published in Panoram Italia

Soprano singer

One of my photographs published in Canada’s ‘Panoram Italia’ magazine from the October/November 2014 issue.

You could definitely say that I’ve been a bit M.I.A lately.

Have I grown tired of blogging? Not at all.

Have I been experiencing writer’s block? Who doesn’t!?

So where have I been? Having the adventure of a lifetime!

The simple truth is that I’ve been having too much fun. As of this past September, I began a year long leave from teaching. I decided it was time to spend some time to travel the world, to focus on my photography and to reconnect with loved ones.

I realize how fortunate I am to have this opportunity and therefore want to seize every moment. Although my blog is primarily recipe and food based, I will be integrating travel and lifestyle into my entries. After all, the best part of travel is learning about a place through its culture and the distinct ingredients and unique recipes it offers.

As for focusing on photography, I was recently given the opportunity to do a shoot with the incredibly talented Soprano, Lucia Cesaroni. Not only was it a true pleasure to shoot this beauty but it was by surprise that one of my shots would be published in Canada’s Magazine, Panoram Italia. The magazine can be viewed online at or can be purchased from Italian specialty supermarkets.

To read more about Lucia Cesaroni or to stream her recordings, visit her website at Just last week, the Soprano performed in Toronto at the Extension Room alongside her fiancé Adrian Kramer, a tenor, and it was pure perfection. Not only do these two have sizzling onstage chemistry, but they know how to make opera cool again. From the selection of music to the space, the performance was inviting and fresh. If presented the chance, you MUST see these two perform together. I promise you won’t be disappointed

Thanks for reading,

Milk & Marigolds xo

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