Fresh Quinoa-Tabouli Salad

Quinoa-Tabouli Salad

Refreshing, zesty and flavorful; this protein-packed salad is both tasty and healthy.

Tabouli is traditionally prepared with wheat-based couscous or bulgar (gluten) which is a big NO-NO for Celiacs like myself, but problem solved! Simply replace these ingredients with delicious, nutty quinoa.

Quinoa is pronounced as: Keen-wah (which honesty, I’m still trying to accept). Sometimes I want to confront “Keen-wah” because on occasion, she tends to come across as a little pretentious and quite honestly needs to lose the attitude problem already! I can picture her at parties with a fancy cocktail in hand while correcting strangers, “no, no it’s pronounced Keen-wah.” I’m pretty sure even couscous would roll her eyes. But the matter of fact is, Quinoa is quite simple and often misunderstood… Many people often neglect the important step of thoroughly rinsing quinoa which helps discard any unpleasant bitterness. It is easy and quick to cook and has more nutritional value than wheat-grains.
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